We are pleased to be able to host a special schools firework science event as part of this year's British Science Festival, supported by Siemens.

Matthew Tosh, the UK's number one firework science presenter, brings his magical and inspiring world of pyrotechnic science to Bradford. Watch as he unreels the STEM and workings behind professional firework displays around the world. See how pyrotechnicians create colours, sound effects and perfectly timed bursts in time to music. Featuring shock waves, flames, sparks, smoke effects and real indoor fireworks, this is an exciting and dramatic show that will guarantee to have you on the edge of your seats.

Curriculum Links

Science presenter Matthew Tosh is a qualified science teacher and former head of physics. The show, which features content suitable for Key Stage 3 students, will illustrate a number of scientific ideas:
  • Forces
  • Combustion
  • Sound waves
  • Energy transfers
  • Electron transitions
  • Circuit theory
  • Oxidation
  • Rates of reaction

How to book

This event is part of the British Science Festival and booking is open to schools only via our Eventbrite page

About the British Science Festival

Celebrate the best of British science. Expand your horizons with four days of free events, talks and performances from across the scientific spectrum.

The 2015 British Science Festival, suported by Siemens, will be hosted by the University of Bradford from 7-10 September.

The full programme can be found at the Festival website.

During the Festival there are over 100 free events for adult audiences.

Immediately following, is the British Science Festival Fringe, which takes place from 11-18 September, and is designed to engage and inspire students, young adults and families.

Firework science with Matthew Tosh is supported by Siemens.