The Chemistry Section organised the following events at the 2017 British Science Festival:

Synthetic diamonds: a bright future
Attendees discovered a different side to diamonds with Mike Ashfold as he revealed the amazing properties of this unique material. Discussion included how thin sheets of diamond can be created in the lab and how advances in this process are opening up new opportunities in materials science, electronics and quantum computing.

Are pesticides killing bees?
Bee populations are in decline. Neonicotinoid pesticides have been implicated in harming the health of these important pollinators, causing international debate about their usage. Could neonicotinoids wipe out bees, or is the pesticide vital for food security? Discover the latest research on this hot topic from chemical ecologist Falko Drijfhout.

President 2017: Professor Mike Ashfold, University of Bristol
President 2016: Dr. Avtar Matharu, University of York

Recorder: Dr. Sharon George, Keele University