The Chemistry Section organised the following events at the 2018 British Science Festival:

Can scrap metal save the planet?

We know that carbon dioxide is a major cause of climate change, but what's being done about it? Alison Parker revealed the novel techniques she's using to combat this environment crisis. Attendees heard how scrap metal, sea water and solar-generated electricity can be used to turn carbon dioxide into the mineral dawsonite, a natural component on the Earth's crust.

Missing emissions

In the UK, diesel fuel pollution levels are dangerously high, but research also suggests that there are hidden emissions we aren't yet detecting. Jacqueline Hamilton delved into the problems of the 'missing emissions' and sought to understand what this means for our health and the planet. 

President 2018: Dr Jacqueline Hamilton, University of York
President 2017: Professor Mike Ashfold, University of Bristol
President 2016: Dr. Avtar Matharu, University of York

Recorder: Dr. Sharon George, Keele University