Building upon our work with the British Science Week Community Grant Scheme, in 2018 the British Science Association piloted the new Community Leaders programme. The aim of the programme is to harness the passion and ideas of individuals who work with underserved audiences and to enhance their skills to enable them to become leaders of science engagement in their communities.

In 2018 we recruited twelve individuals who had previously received a British Science Week Community Grant to become ambassadors in their regions of the UK. Each member of the group was already doing fantastic work across the UK and had strongly established relationships with their communities, which is why we believe they are the ones best placed to deliver high-quality, impactful science engagement. Through the Community Leaders programme we  upskilled our group of participants, supported them in developing long-term science engagement projects, and helped facilitate collaboration between their community groups and the science communication sector. You can read more about the first year's programme here.

Work with this year's cohort began in the autumn 2019. To support the new Community Leaders in establishing long-term science engagement in their communities, the BSA is delivering group training sessions at our head office in London. Once their training is complete, the Community Leaders will each be awarded £1,000 to develop projects for British Science Week 2020 and beyond.

Here is the list of our 2019-2020 Community Leaders:

  • Amar Azam, Unleashing Potential 
  • Jackie Barnes, It’s Your Life 
  • Nicola Brown, Doncaster Alcohol Services 
  • Paul Hyde, Whippet Up 
  • Juliette Jackson, Seadream Education
  • Zaffer Khan, One Voice Blackburn
  • Erika Lye, Mountain Movers
  • Claudia McFarlane, African Caribbean Achievement Project
  • Neil McLaughlin, Barnet Libraries
  • Marsha Fisher, Sutton African and Caribbean Cultural Organisation
  • Lindsay White, Rother Voluntary Action 

Here are our 2018-2019 Community Leaders:

  • Fawaz Alghofari, Syrian Community of Leeds
  • Mohammed Attaur Rahman, Wardleworth Community Centre 
  • Carmel Britto, LPF Kiddies Club
  • Ann Fomukong-Boden, Kakou
  • Carl Gillam, Canolfan Ebeneser
  • Saoirse Higgins, Papay Development Trust
  • Gemma Martin, Wheal Martyn
  • Mathew Rogers, St Michael's Youth Project
  • Leah Vellam-Steptoe, Frank Wise School
  • Stephen Williams, OASIS Community Centre and Gardens
  • Yang Zhou, Mandarin Speakers Association Derry

For more information about the work the British Science Association does to support and engage with community groups, please visit our Community Engagement page and follow BSA Communities on Twitter.

If you have any questions about the programme, please email [email protected].

Image of first Community Leaders cohort