Whether educating in the classroom or online, increasingly more teachers are turning to project-based CREST activities to strengthen pupils’ reflection and communication skills – not to mention their curiosity and creativity!

CREST Star and SuperStar activities are a great way to get primary-aged pupils working through real-world STEM problems whilst learning key scientific concepts and having fun along the way. Although they have often been reserved for extra-curricular STEM clubs, these CREST activities can also be used directly during lesson time to teach the national primary science curriculum of all four UK nations.

Keen to inspire a new generation of science enthusiasts and help make lesson planning that bit simpler, we've developed fresh, informative guidance to help primary teachers embed CREST into the curriculum. And best of all? It's easier than many teachers may think!

Curriculum mapping booklet

Our comprehensive, easy-to-use mapping tool for primary teachers clearly explains how and why to build CREST Star and SuperStar activities into timetabled lessons.

Free to download, this resource clearly maps the relevant Star and SuperStar activities against each content area in the primary science curricula for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. All CREST activities mentioned in the booklet are also freely available from the CREST resource library and consist of a vibrant activity sheet for pupils and handy organisers card for teachers.

Published with the support of Horners' Education Charity and UK Research and Innovation, this resource is a go-to for any primary teacher looking to rejuvenate the way they deliver STEM lessons.


CREST in the Primary Curriculum

How you can use CREST resources as part of the curriculum

In this webinar Caitlin Brown, CREST Product Manager at the BSA, and Naomi Hiscock, a primary science specialist, share valuable tips to help primary teachers get started with CREST Star and SuperStar in the classroom. 

We hope this guidance will help to add energy and excitement to science lessons across the UK! If you have any questions about our primary mapping resource, or if you are a teacher who is able to share your experience of running CREST in the classroom, please get in touch with us at [email protected]