The Economics Section organised the following events at the 2018 British Science Festival:

Mind the gender gap

Recent revelations about the disparity between women and men's pay packages were shocking. With this in mind, Barbara Petrongolo and others explored the idea of 'femininity', and whether or not gender quotas are the best way to empower women in the workplace and improve equality. 

Modern slavery in the UK

Have you ever considered how your strawberries get from the farm to the fridge? Modern slavery is rife and often in plain sight. From car washes to nail salons, how do we identify and break the chain of labour exploitation? Cristina Talens discussed her work with businesses to spot modern slavery in their supply chains, both in the UK and overseas. 

President 2018: Professor Barbara Petrongolo, Queen Mary University
President 2017: Professor Oriana Bandiera, London School of Economics
President 2016: Professor Christian Dustmann, University College London
President 2015: Professor David Miles, Imperial College London and Bank of England
President 2014: Professor John Van Reenan, London School of Economics

Recorder: Professor David Dickinson, University of Birmingham