Exscitec's Energetic Earth project has five associated activities:
  • energy efficiency, 
  • carbon capture and storage, 
  • hydrogen fuel cell cars, seismology and 
  • energetic gas. 

Over the course of an 8-10 week period, students study each topic, undertaking, practical science investigations and research to extend the topic areas.

Each school involved in the project can undertake additional project based work and draw other disciplines such as ICT & design into the programme.

At the end of the programme, students attend an Energy Summit Day with other schools in which they work together to debate and negotiation CO2 emissions reduction within a fictional Energy Challenge.  

This programme has received soft accreditation for a CREST Bronze Award. In order to achieve the award, students need to show all the independent and creative work they've done at home and at school as well as in the lab.

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