The Engineering Section organised the following events for the 2017 British Science Festival:

Get in tune with your inner engineer
How do you crowdsource an engineering project? Danielle George discussed how you can collaborate with astrophysicists to help us better understand the dawn of time. Attendees were left inspired, enthused and ready to go out and inspire the next generation of engineers.

When batteries go bang!
First commercialised in 1990, lithium-ion batteries have transformed modern life through their ubiquitous application in power-hungry consumer electronics. Recently, the safety of these batteries has been called into question, with high profile failures in phones and aircraft. Paul Shearing explored what can go wrong and discussed the latest breakthroughs in battery technology.

President 2017: Professor Danielle George, University of Manchester
President 2016: Professor Peter Goodhew, University of Liverpool
President 2015: Professor Harald Haas, University of Edinburgh

Recorder: Dr. Radu Sporea, Advanced Technology Institute, University of Surrey