The Engineering Section are organising the following events for the 2018 British Science Festival:

For your viewing pleasure

Fifty years ago, liquid-crystal displays (LCDs) became commercially available. The University of Hull played a large part in their development, enabling what is now a multi-billion-dollar global display industry. Join Cliff Jones and other UK scientists as they detail the early breakthroughs, how these fitted into the international effort, and the future of LCDs in the 21st Century. 

Beyond surround sound

Sounds come from all around us. 3D spatial audio technology has the potential to create a personalised listening experience, aiding mental well-being, assisting the hearing or visually impaired, or simply for immersive entertainment. Find out how you can orchestrate an enhanced listening experience from the comfort of your own home.

President 2018: Professor Cliff Jones, University of Leeds
President 2017: Professor Danielle George, University of Manchester
President 2016: Professor Peter Goodhew, University of Liverpool
President 2015: Professor Harald Haas, University of Edinburgh

Recorder: Dr. Radu Sporea, Advanced Technology Institute, University of Surrey