The Engineering Section organised the following events for the 2016 British Science Festival:

Measuring colour: more than meets the eye
Roses are red, but are violets blue or purple? Where do you draw the line between lime green and yellow? And what colour was that dress? Identifying colours informs our daily choices and helps us make sense of the world, but our colour vision is subjective and contextual. Andrew Hanson from the National Physical Laboratory discussed the surprising challenges involved in the important task of measuring colour.

Engineering the future
In the 20th century engineering innovations transformed our lives; changing how we live, work, travel and communicate. Today, engineering is essential to address the world’s most serious problems, including climate change, food security, global health, and sustainable cities. Peter Goodhew discussed how we might produce the engineers who must play a key role in tackling the global challenges of the 21st century.

President 2016: Professor Peter Goodhew, University of Liverpool
President 2015: Professor Harald Haas, University of Edinburgh

Recorder: Dr. Radu Sporea, Advanced Technology Institute, University of Surrey