The Enrich my classroom resource pack forms a step-by-step guide to running a Discovery Day and is suitable to run with one class, a science club, or with a whole year group.

The aim of the day is for students to learn about a range of different science, engineering and technology topics through group work, interactive activities, and a challenge that asks them to consider how they can enrich their experience in the classroom in the future.

Teamwork and investigation

In the first part of the Enrich my classroom day, students will investigate a variety of topics, including coding, nanotechnology, ergonomics, magnetism and electricity. They will be introduced to the science behind these topics, and discover more about how they are used in school today.

The second part of the day sees students working in teams to develop new ways to enrich the classroom using the ideas from the workshops. This could mean designing an app, finding a new way to use nanotechnology, or using ergonomics to design a new type of classroom.

Get started today!

You can download all the teacher and student items from the Enrich my classroom resource, below.

1. Enrich my classroom guide

2. Introductory presentation (pdf) or Introductory presentation (powerpoint) - for teachers

3. Workshop presentation - for teachers 

4. Workshop fact files

5. Workshop cards

6. Student task sheets

If you would like your students to achieve a CREST Discovery Award for taking part in the day, you will need to register them; please visit for information about registering online or with your CREST Local
Coordinator before the event.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to register for the full CREST Discovery Award, you can still use the above activities and resources on their own.