Name: Tom Holloway
Volunteer programme: British Science Week Champions network
Occupation: Primary school teacher and science co-ordinator, Westfield Primary School

How long have you been involved? Nearly a year

How much time do you spend volunteering as a British Science Week Champion? It varies. In the run up to BSW 2013 I spent a lot of time speaking to teachers from other schools about what activities they could do. This included a session in London. I also spend some time writing about the activities that we’ve done at my school for the Association to use as ideas for others. On average I probably spend about an hour a week on BSW related activities.

Why did you volunteer to be a BSW Champion? I’m really passionate about teaching science. I think it is an awe inspiring subject that has the power to motivate and enthuse children. I want to see it taught as much and as well as possible in primary schools. BSW is a great way of promoting the subject and getting teachers involved and motivated to teach science so I want to help promote it as much as I can.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering as a BSW Champion? I really enjoy talking to other teachers about BSW and what they could do in their schools for it. I like thinking of imaginative ways of addressing the theme and getting as many people involved as possible.