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1. Exeter

Set up in December 2017, the Exeter Branch are looking forward to welcoming volunteers to create exciting events and projects!Read more

2. Orkney

We're in the process of launching a new volunteer branch in Orkney and are looking for enthusiastic, dedicated volunteers to be part of it!Read more

3. Cardiff

The Cardiff Branch has just recently launched and is looking for enthusiastic, dedicated volunteers to be part of the group!Read more

4. Hull

The Hull Branch is actively looking for volunteers in the area to join their team.Read more

5. Norwich

Set up in autumn 2016, the Norwich Branch runs a range of events and activities in and around Norwich. They are open to all and are always looking for new members.Read more

6. Preston

The Preston Branch is run by a group of volunteers all united by a common passion - science, and communicating it to the public.Read more

7. Reading

Our branch is based in Reading, where we organise events across the Thames Valley region.Read more

8. Richmond Scientific Society (affiliated branch)

The Richmond Scientific Society is an affiliated branch of the British Science Association which runs lectures aimed at a non-specialist audience.Read more

9. Cornwall

The Cornwall Branch, largely based in Falmouth, was set up in 2016 and runs a range of events and activities.Read more

10. Oxford

The Oxford Branch run a series of established events, and are looking for enthusiastic, dedicated volunteers to join their committee!Read more

11. Hampstead Scientific Society (affiliated branch)

The Hampstead Scientific Society is based in Hampstead, North West London, and aims to promote an interest in all branches of science.Read more

12. Portsmouth and Isle of Wight

The Portsmouth and Isle of Wight Branch run a range of events and is looking for enthusiastic, dedicated volunteers to join their committee!Read more

13. Central London - Science London

Science London look at the fun side of science; from speed dating to murder mysteries, from sci-fi to cell biology, from cinemas to sex shops, we love it all!Read more

14. Cambridge

The Cambridge Branch run a series of events around the region, including SciScreen film events, talks in local pubs and science busking events at museums, festivals and shopping centres.Read more

15. Bristol and Bath

The Bristol and Bath Branch focus on developing regular and sustainable events for local people.Read more

16. Leeds

We are currently in the process of re-launching our Leeds Branch and we are looking for enthusiastic, dedicated volunteers to be part of the branch!Read more

17. Sheffield

Our volunteer branch in Sheffield have run lots of great events in their local community including working with a mental health group, talking to members of the public at a food festival, and plenty of social events!Read more

18. Newcastle

The Newcastle Branch is actively recruiting volunteers to join their committee and help out with events.Read more

19. North and East Yorkshire (affiliated branch)

This affiliated branch was formed through a partnership with the Yorkshire Philosophical Society (YPS). The Society organises an annual programme of varied lectures and other events, largely based in York.Read more

20. Manchester

The Manchester Branch aims to engage people of all ages with science and engineering by organising activities and events across Greater Manchester.Read more

21. Birmingham

The Birmingham Branch organises an annual programme of lectures, visits and other events.Read more

22. Nottingham

The Nottingham Branch is a group of science enthusiasts who are trying to bring the excitement of science to a wider public.Read more

23. Leicester

The Leicester Branch runs events in partnership with other organisations such as the Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society and the Women's Institute. They are currently looking for volunteers to join their committee.Read more

24. Derbyshire

The Derbyshire Branch runs a varied programme of events in Derby and across the county, intended to connect science with the people of Derbyshire.Read more

25. Belfast

The Belfast Branch runs the Belfast Science Cafe, bringing the latest science into a relaxed, informal environment, as well as other events.Read more

26. North Wales

The North Wales Branch is roughly focused around Wrexham, although members also run regular events in Aberystwyth and Bangor.Read more

27. Glasgow

The Glasgow branch re-launched in late 2016 and has run some successful events since then, targeting lots of different audiences. Do get in touch if you'd like to be involved!Read more

28. Tayside and Fife

The Tayside & Fife Branch is the oldest branch in Scotland and organises an annual programme of talks and other local activities.Read more

29. Liverpool

The Liverpool Branch has recently relaunched and we are looking for enthusiastic, dedicated volunteers to be part a part of it!Read more

30. Moray and Highlands

The Moray and Highlands Branch covers a large geographical area, from towns like Forres in Moray, where they organise an annual science fair, to the Orkney Island of North Ronaldsay, which they are assisting with a bid for international dark-skies status.Read more

31. Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Branch is run by a diverse, dynamic and enthusiastic team and provides a broad programme of science engagement based activities throughout the year.Read more

32. Caithness

The Caithness Branch operates in the Thurso and Wick area. Members provide support to the Caithness International Science Festival, as well as being involved in various other science engagement activities with Caithness Horizons and the Environmental Research Institute.Read more

33. Aberdeen

Each year the Aberdeen Branch organises a programme full of exciting events and activities for adults and children for British Science Week. They also organise lectures, discussion events and excursions throughout the year.Read more