What is a community? 

This could be any group of individuals sharing experiences, characteristics, interests or needs, within one of the areas covered by the grants programme. The community does not need to be a formal group or organisation and applications can be made by an individual. 

Who is a community member or leader?

To apply for a grant, you will need to have an established relationship with individuals from a community. You will have access to the community and have built-up trust with its members, often - but not always - through being actively involved yourself. 

What is a research professional? 

A research professional could be someone currently working in a university, the NHS or for a health charity or social enterprise, or they could be an independent expert. They will have a record of carrying out and publishing research. 

What is research? 

Research is the careful, detailed and rigorous exploration or investigation of an idea or problem to create new knowledge or ways of doing things. 

How long should my project run?

It is anticipated that the projects will last up to 6 or 7 months. Activity should start in April and finish by the end of September 2022. There will be evaluation and a final celebration in October 2022.

What can funding be spent on?

Grant money can be used for the following:

  • Project-specific staff costs – salaries or fees for people who are essential to the project and whose salaries aren’t already covered by another grant
  • Researcher costs – salaries or fees for researchers that aren't already covered by another grant or by their own salary. You should allow a contingency budget for researcher expenses, in particular for their travel costs.
  • Materials and equipment essential for the project
  • Travel and subsistence costs
  • Room hire and catering
  • Publicity
  • Speakers and trainers
  • Reasonable volunteer expenses
  • Other costs of activities associated with the grant
  • Overheads for the community group – these can only account for a maximum of 10% of your grant. These are the indirect expenses of running your project, sometimes called “core costs” 

Is there anything I cannot spend the funding on?

The grant cannot be spent on:

  • Single-use disposable items
  • Costs incurred before your proposed project starts
  • Activities/partnerships outside the UK
  • Emergency, top-up, or maintenance funding
  • Loans, investments, or capital costs
  • Delivery of frontline services, such as healthcare services or interventions

What if my group doesn’t have a group bank account?

It is alright to apply if your group does not have a group bank account and a personal bank account has to be used. However, if a personal bank account is used, we will ask for receipts to demonstrate how the funding was spent, which is not required for funding that goes into a group bank account.

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