The History of Science Section organised the following events at the 2017 British Science Festival:

Science, fiction and 'geeks' in interwar Britain
The science fiction genre is booming, but seldom considered is the role of sci-fi in the first half of the 20th century and its early fans. Charlotte Sleigh introduced her research on these sci-fi fans’ fictional worlds and how it influenced understanding of science and their dreams of participating in it.

The Mathematikado
The Mathematikado, produced and performed by female students in 1886, parodied Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado to argue that women could master college-level maths. This event explored how female students of math and science responded to social critique of their participation in traditionally male fields of study.

President 2017: Professor Charlotte Sleigh, University of Kent
President 2016Dr. Sabine Clarke, University of York

Recorder: Dr. Alexander Hall, Newman University