The History of Science Section organised the following events at the 2018 British Science Festival:

NHS and the British Red Cross: 70 years of volunteering

In 1948, the NHS took control of key medical services that had been established by the British Red Cross in the First World War and interwar years. From equipment and welfare advice to skin camouflage, Rosemary Wall highlighted the British Red Cross' contribution to the NHS and how it continues to act as a reserve in times of crisis. 

Automation for the nation

Robots, computers and 'electronic brains' have been central to hopes and fears about the future for 70 years, from dreams of a fully-automated society to nightmares of mass unemployment, and even remorseless robots overlords. James Sumner probed how these ideas spread among public audiences, how scientists have tried to harness and change them, and how they influence real-life technology policy. 

President 2018: Dr James Sumner, University of Manchester
President 2017: Professor Charlotte Sleigh, University of Kent
President 2016Dr. Sabine Clarke, University of York

Recorder: Dr. Alexander Hall, University of Birmingham