What do people learn from taking part in citizen science projects?

In 2015, the British Science Association collaborated with partners from the UK and America to address this question, and look at the relationship between informal learning and citizen science.

Find out more about research into learning in citizen science ‎and join the conversation about what research is needed through the Citizen Science Association’s blog.

Citizen science projects support scientific, learning and civic outcomes. The partnership, funded by Science Learning +, has

1. explored existing frameworks and instruments for designing citizen science projects and evaluating their learning outcomes;

2. examined not only the learning outcomes of citizen science projects, but also the processes through which that learning occurs and its contribution to the building of science capital and science identity. This helped in establishing a better understanding of not only what is learnt but also how learning occurs.

3. explored the role of families and intergenerational learning within citizen science projects.


Download a review of some of the existing research on citizen science, science education and informal learning.

Download a training tool for practitioners on Science Capital and Citizen Science.

Learn about the presentations that were made about the project at the European Citizen Science Association meeting in Berlin in May 2016.

Are you involved in Citizen Science?
Do you have either unpublished reports or data? Get in touch with Katherine Mathieson at the British Science Association.