The Leeds Branch is primarily based at the University of Leeds. We annually run events during the British Science Week and also take part in local events, such as the Otley Science Fair. We work with school age children as well as the general public. We recently ran 'how clean is your house?', an event for students which aimed to demonstrate the science behind household products and appliances. During the event, we also had a hands-on session where students could make products from recycled materials. We also regularly organise public lectures -  for one of our recent events, we held an evening of talks and demonstrations centred on William Astbury's influence in medical science, in order to celebrate his 112th birthday. 

We are constantly recruiting for new volunteers to join our branch, so please get in touch if you would like to be involved. 

If you're interested in volunteering with the Leeds Branch, please click here


Chair: Lizzy Orr
Treasurer: Ash Milliard
Secretary: Abbie Reid
Marketing and Comms Officer: Lizzie Fry
Volunteer Coordinator: Deya Ward
Events and logistics officer: Akhila Jayaram
Fundraising Officer: Tess McKnight

Contact details

Website: http//
Twitter: @BSAwyorkshire

Header photo credit: Anna Woolman