The Mathematical Sciences Section organised the following events at the 2018 British Science Festival:

Do you look before you leap?

Whether we're riding a bike or sky diving, sometimes we gauge the activities in our life as more or less risky than they really are. Attendees got to grips with your own personal relationship with risk alongside Jennifer Rogers, who showed how statistics can help you make better decisions. 

Under and over the radar: a modern view

The security of shipping has enormous implications for peaceful trade and combat situations when you want to remain inconspicuous. Colin Wright shared his latest mathematical research on the use of radar in marine safety.  

President 2018: Dr Jennifer Rogers, University of Oxford
President 2017: Dr. Colva Roney-Dougal, University of St Andrews
President 2016: Mr. Richard G.E. Pinch, Vice-President of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
President 2015: Professor Kevin Glazebrook, Lancaster University
President 2014: Professor Peter McOwan, Queen Mary, University of London

Recorder: Professor Tony Mann, University of Greenwich
Treasurer: Professor Peter Giblin, University of Liverpool
Publicity Officer: Dr. Katie Steckles