The Mathematical Sciences Section organised the following events at the 2016 British Science Festival:

Post-modern cryptography: the unbreakable code?
Cryptography is the cornerstone of our online security, protecting our email messages, credit card information and medical records. Mathematician and Advisor to GCHQ Richard Pinch explored security and privacy in an increasingly connected world and discussed how new technologies such as quantum computing could threaten our cyber-security.

Can maths solve sepsis?
Sepsis, also known as blood poisoning, kills 40,000 people in the UK each year. Many of those lives could be saved through early diagnosis and treatment. Audience members met a mathematician and physiologist working together to detect the early stages of sepsis and heard how mathematical methods can help address important health issues.

President 2016: Richard G.E. Pinch, Vice-President of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
President 2015: Professor Kevin Glazebrook, Lancaster University
President 2014: Professor Peter McOwan, Queen Mary, University of London
Recorder: Mr. Tony Mann, University of Greenwich
Treasurer: Mr. Peter Cooper
Publicity Officer: Ms. Katie Steckles