Apply for a 2019 Media Fellowship

A number of Fellowships are available via UK universities and learned societies. If you are a member of staff at a university partner, you should apply through the scheme via in internal application process with your institution. The list of 2018 sponsors includes: Edinburgh Napier University, Manchester Metropolitan University, The Nutrition Society, the Royal Society of Chemistry, Society for Applied Microbiology, University of Birmingham, UCL (University College London) Faculty of Engineering, University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine, University of East Anglia, University of Oxford MPLS Division, and University of Nottingham. Please contact us if you would be interested in joining the scheme in 2019.     

Open applications

Applications will open in January-February 2019 - check back for more details soon!

Essential documents and timeline - 2018

  • 2018  Terms & Conditions which includes a summary of the financial support provided during a placement
  • Letter to send to your employer to tell them about the scheme
  • Person Specification for 2018 Media Fellows
  • February 2018: Call for applications - please note that there may be restrictions for Society-funded Fellowships in 2018
  • March/April: Applications close
  • April/May: all applicants are notified about the outcome of their application
  • Monday 21 May: Training day, London
  • June – September: Fellows complete a two-to-six week placement, booked according to the availability of the media host and Fellow
  • September: British Science Festival media launch, London
  • 9-14 September: Fellows attend the British Science Festival, in Hull, as a representative of their media host organisation
  • Wednesday 3 October: Leadership day, London


Unfortunately, we are not able to offer Media Fellowships to freelancers, undergraduate students, those who work in PR or communications, those who are based outside the UK, or those who want to change career full time into science communication.

To be eligible to apply for the Media Fellowships scheme you have to fulfil the following criteria:

  • are a practising scientist, social scientist, clinician or engineer and have a minimum of 2 years’ experience in your field following your highest degree. PhD students are eligible although we don't recommend it due to the heavy workload
  • are employed, and based, part or full time in the UK 
  • work at any level in an academic or research institution, industry, civil service or any other similar organisation
  • have your employer's/funder's consent to be released on full pay for the period of the Fellowships. Annual leave may be used for part of the placement.
  • agree to all the terms and conditions of the fellowship, including mandatory attendance to the training / leadership days and the financial support provided