COVID-19 Update 

It’s hard to think of another time when science has not just been front-page news but has completely dominated the attention of the world’s media and public. As Media Fellows is a scheme which partners scientists with journalists, we feel it is important for us to deliver a COVID-19 ‘edition’ of the scheme.

As the global situation is ever-changing, we aim for the 2020/2021 scheme to be as flexible as possible and adapted to follow the latest Government guidelines (such as remote working and social distancing), alongside the preferences expressed by Fellows and media hosts to arrange convenient timings, locations and formats.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Media Fellowship scheme, please contact us on [email protected]

Thank you to everyone involved for your patience and support during this unprecedented time.

Essential documents and timeline 2020

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions that aren't answered in these documents: 

  • Terms & Conditions which includes a summary of the financial support provided during a placement
  • Letter to confirm your employer supports your participation 
  • Person Specification for Media Fellows
  • May-August 2020: Open call for applications within sponsoring institutions
  • September - October 2020: Applications close/shortlisting process. Shortlisted applicants are interviewed by BSA. All applicants are notified about the outcome of their application as they are selected
  • November 2020: virtual briefing/training sessions
  • November 2020: Placements allocated
  • January - March 2021: Fellows complete a two-to-six week placement, booked according to the availability of the media host and Fellow
  • Mid 2021: Leadership day 
  • For more information on becoming a Potential Fellow, please download this overview. 

The BSA is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion, and want Media Fellowships to be open to all. There are a number of ways we are working to support participation in the scheme: 

  • We collect anonymised diversity data as part of the Media Fellow application process 
  • We provide guidance for our partners to reduce bias in the promotion, application and shortlisting process
  • We work with Fellows to accommodate requests for part-time, remote, and flexible working 
  • We offer placements in a range of UK locations
  • We ask all Media Hosts for their diversity policy and accessibility statements. 


Unfortunately, we are not able to offer Media Fellowships to freelancers, undergraduate students, those who work in PR or communications, those who are based outside the UK, or those who want to change career full time into science communication.

To be eligible to apply for the Media Fellowships scheme you have to fulfil the following criteria:

  • are a practising scientist, social scientist, clinician or engineer and have a minimum of 2 years’ experience in your field following your highest degree. PhD students are eligible although we don't recommend it due to the heavy workload
  • are employed, and based part or full time in the UK 
  • work at any level in an academic or research institution, industry, civil service or any other similar organisation
  • have your employer's/funder's consent to be released on full pay for the period of the Fellowships. Annual leave may be used for part of the placement.
  • agree to all the terms and conditions of the Fellowship, including mandatory attendance to the training/leadership days and the financial support provided