The Medical Sciences Section organised the following event for the 2016 British Science Festival:

Dressed to impress: caring for wounds
From burns and cuts to surgical incisions and chronic ulcers, wounds take many forms. They can be small and fast-healing or large and chronic. All of them need specialised dressings, and in many cases patients are responsible for their own care. An expert panel discussed how manufacturers develop new products and whether they really meet our needs.

President 2016: Professor Andrea Nelson, University of Leeds 

President 2015: Iszi Lawrence
Iszi Lawrence is a Reading based comedian who has gigged across the UK and internationally. Iszi joins the Medical Section as our President in recognition of the great work she's done in producing and performing The Z list Dead List a Podcast and Live Comedy Show about obscure people from History.

Recorder: Dr. Andrew Holding, Cancer Research UK's Cambridge Institute
Dr Andrew Holding is a Research Associate at the Cancer Research UK's Cambridge Institute. Andrew started studying chemistry at the University of Oxford before he went on to apply these skills to investigate how life works at a molecular level. During his PhD at the University of Cambridge he focused on how nature makes the antibiotics we use to treat antibiotic resitant infections including MRSA. In 2009 he moved to the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology as a Career Development Fellow investigating how the machinery within the cells interacts to undertake basic processes including the replication of DNA. In 2013 Andrew moved to the Cambridge Institute to focus on the molecular processes that drive breast cancer.