The Medical Sciences Section are organising the following events for the 2018 British Science Festival:

The robot will see you now

As technology in healthcare develops, is there a risk of losing the 'human-touch'? Hear from leading scientists and clinicians about the opportunity and threats of future technology in healthcare and laboratory medicine. 

Space Medicine

Beth Healey spent a year in the Antarctic wilderness applying knowledge of its remote conditions to study the effects of space on astronaut's health. This work is now helping solve the world's biggest medical problems, but how and why are we looking to space to solve such issues on earth?

President 2018: Dr Beth Healey
President 2017: Professor Dame Leslie Fallowfield, University of Sussex
President 2016: Professor Andrea Nelson, University of Leeds 
President 2015: Iszi Lawrence

Recorder: Dr. Andrew Holding, Cancer Research UK's Cambridge Institute
Dr Andrew Holding is a Research Associate at the Cancer Research UK's Cambridge Institute. Andrew started studying chemistry at the University of Oxford before he went on to apply these skills to investigate how life works at a molecular level. During his PhD at the University of Cambridge he focused on how nature makes the antibiotics we use to treat antibiotic resitant infections including MRSA. In 2009 he moved to the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology as a Career Development Fellow investigating how the machinery within the cells interacts to undertake basic processes including the replication of DNA. In 2013 Andrew moved to the Cambridge Institute to focus on the molecular processes that drive breast cancer.