Our membership scheme

The BSA’s membership scheme aims to grow a community of people who support our vision, whose views we represent, and who connect with the organisation and with one another.

We have a tiered membership which offers two different levels for supporting the organisation and, we hope, gives you something in return.

Why join the BSA as a member?

Our mission is to support, grow and diversify the community of people interested, engaged and involved in science; and to strengthen their influence over science's direction and place in society. 

We create partnerships to ensure that more communities, cultural institutions and public spaces are celebrating and giving people opportunities to participate in science. We want to bring science from out of the side-lines, to rebrand it from being an exclusive 'profession' or ‘subject’ into something that is seen as a fundamental and inclusive part of our society.

Our work depends on funding provided by donations, grants, sponsorship and membership. We very much appreciate your support.

Membership options

There are two tiers of the BSA membership scheme: Member and Friend.  These are outlined below and in our membership leaflet (pdf).


How to join

We are finalising the online subscription process which will go live in the next few weeks, but you can sign up to our membership scheme today by emailing [email protected] or completing a copy of our membership leaflet which includes a payment form. There is a small saving to be made at each tier by paying annually.

The above membership scheme is for individuals.  If you interested in organisational or institutional membership, you'd be more suited to an Affiliate membership, details of which can be found here.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to make a donation towards our work or are interested in volunteering, then we would also be grateful for your support.

Terms & Conditions

  • Joining the new BSA membership scheme at any tier is not equivalent to / does not constitute legal voting member of the BSA as defined by our Statutes. 
  • Youth Membership is for those under the age of 25 at the time of joining.
  • Members’ names and contact details will be stored on a database so that we can can send you information and offers relating to membership. If you have indicated your consent, we may also use your details to send you information relating to British Science Association activities (which you may choose opt out of at any time).
  • The British Science Association Membership Scheme reserves the right to refuse or terminate a membership at any time.
  • Please allow 10 working days for application processing.
  • All membership offers with external partners/providers are subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time.