The National Science + Engineering Competition aims to recognise and reward young people's achievements in all areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

The British Science Association (BSA), working on behalf of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, and in partnership with Engineering UK, has organised the National Science + Engineering Competition since it was launched in 2008. Young Engineers were also a lead partner of the Competition up until 2013.

Since its inception almost a decade ago, the Competition has seen some of the most innovative and creative projects from young people across the UK and has been one of the leading celebrations of students’ STEM project work. The BSA is incredibly proud of what the Competition has achieved over this time and would like to acknowledge the excellent work of all the partners involved that helped it run so smoothly each year.

However, following a consultation and review of the BSA’s involvement with the Competition, the decision has been made that the BSA will no longer organise the National Science + Engineering Competition, once the National Finals being held at The Big Bang Fair on 16-17 March 2016, are over.  This means that the BSA will not be involved in the selection of National Finalists for March 2017.

The BSA will continue to support STEM project work for students through its flagship education programme, the CREST Awards, and we are so pleased that the majority of projects entered into the National Science + Engineering Competition come from CREST students.

Students and schools can still showcase their projects at selected Big Bang Near Me Fairs for 2016/17. All planned Big Bang Near Me Fairs and The Big Bang Fair in 2017 are not affected by this decision.

The BSA still believes in the aims of the Competition and think it is vitally important to celebrate and recognise the project work undertaken by young people. The Competition is hugely successful and the BSA is honoured to have been involved in the delivery of this project for almost a decade. However, given the evolving operational and strategic direction the BSA is taking as an organisation, we believe the future of the Competition is better managed outside of the BSA.

The Big Bang Fair for 2017 will continue as normal and the BSA’s Chief Executive, Imran Khan, has been invited to remain on The Big Bang Fair’s advisory board. The BSA will also continue to promote opportunities for CREST students to celebrate their achievements in project work, through any future versions of the Competition and other relevant opportunities.

The BSA would like to extend their warm wishes to all of the young people that have been involved in the Competition over the past nine years, and to all of the partners, teachers, parents and judges we have worked with on this fantastic nationwide event.

If you have any questions about the National Science + Engineering Competition, the BSA will endeavour to forward these onto the relevant people in the future, or if you prefer, please visit