This British Science Week the British Science Association are excited to be partnering with 3M this British Science Week.

3M will use British Science Week to challenge people’s preconceptions of scientists as working alone in a lab wearing a white coat. For some that is true, but 3M love introducing young people to their scientists – many of whom spend their time with customers and understand what it is keeping them awake at night in their industries. It means they can bring that insight back to 3M and set about working on solutions for everyone – real world engineers who design and create better ways of doing things.

That will be one area of focus for 3M during the Week and they are planning activities with schools at their sites in Berkshire, Leicestershire and Lancashire. For 3M, British Science Week is about engaging both their employees and their communities – and showing how 3M science is applied to life.

The British Science Association are also pleased to be working with 3M on some exciting new content later this year, keep your eyes peeled!