This year, the widely-anticipated British Science Festival is heading to Swansea. On offer is a fantastic, free and inclusive opportunity to participate in, discuss and challenge science.

When the ‘British Association for the Advancement of Science’ held their first annual meeting in York 1831, only the most ambitious would have predicted it become Europe’s longest-standing national event. 2016’s Festival will feature 122 events packed into the four-day programme. It promises an offering for audiences of all ages, interests and backgrounds. So if you’re a hardcore science nerd, simply interested in the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of everyday life, or just looking for a fun and fascinating day out, make sure to stop by.

Festival highlights include a number of award-winning science talks, Theatr Cadair’s depiction of wartime nuclear physics in Copenhagen, and a live recording of the popular science podcast Science(ish). The X-change is also making a reappearance, providing daily, whistle-stop coverage of the day’s events and big issues, and this year’s Huxley debate will focus on 21st Century Steel with Port Talbot steelworks at the heart of discussion.

If you’re looking for something more out-of-the-ordinary, then the beach is the place to go. Not only is there the chance to try out sonic kayaking and a science-oriented surf lesson during the day, but we’re also hosting a fantastic beach party on the Friday evening, fully equipped with fireworks, live music, comedians, stargazing and an interactive chemistry carnival.

If the coast doesn’t take your fancy, why not head over to Plantasia where the British Science Association and Shrinking Space have collaborated to create a night of art through science with soundscape installations and live art performances. Or head to the University where you can try your hand at illustrating neuroscience or learn how to do your bit to prevent climate change.

And for those who want to sit back, relax and let the diverse range of scientific experts do the talking? From the musical genius of Les Paul to our obsession with the 7th dimension, we’ve got you covered. Subject areas cover health, the environment, space, anthropology, sport and engineering to name a few, providing an opportunity for even the most learned to engage in something new.

With such a huge range of free events on offer, we highly recommend that you head to our website to take a look. Whilst tickets will be available online and via the booking office throughout the festival, prior booking is recommended in order to avoid disappointment on the day.

The Festival will take place from 6-9 September with venues including Swansea University, Plantasia, Taleisin Threatre and Uplands. This will then be followed by a Festival Fringe event on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 September with a family-orientated theme.