The BSA has taken the plunge and launched its first ever crowdfunding campaign today...

This British Science Week we were really encouraged to see so many people take part in our virtual race, Run to the Deep. Because of this and with your help, we want to re-launch the App and hold a live 10k race on World Oceans Day, Friday 8 June 2018.

The App gives runners the opportunity to virtually experience ocean exploration; journeying from the sea surface to the Marianas Trench as they run or walk 10k. The audio is narrated by explorer Pierre-Yves Cousteau, son of famous conservationist Jacques Cousteau.

As well as re-launching the App, we have 500 spaces for an exclusive, early evening race in the beautiful Hyde Park. The run will begin and end at our race village, Oceans Deep, where runners, their friends and families will have fun with ocean-themed activities.

Runners (& dog!) finishing last year's Run the Solar System live race

We hope that people will first and foremost enjoy the race, but we also aim to inspire everyone to reduce their plastic consumption and find out more about the many ocean conservation projects they can get involved with.

To take part in the live 10k event, check out our Crowdfunder page: for tickets and associated rewards. 

If running is not your thing, you can still be a supporter of Run to the Deep by making a donation to the campaign.

Thank you – and see you on the start line!