To achieve our vision of a future where science is more relevant, representative and connected to society, giving all children equal opportunity to engage with science is fundamental.

Science experiments often require equipment, materials and proximity to certain environments that not every child has access to. Therefore, one of the key tenets of CREST Awards is that they are accessible for all.

In a move towards equity, we have partnered with Mewburn Ellis, one of Europe’s leading intellectual property firms, to ensure schools, as many as possible, have access to a selection of CREST resources, curated to require only easily acquired materials, if any. We place a lot of value on joint efforts and partnerships as this will help develop science resources which enable more educators and students to access science more easily, and in a way that’s more relevant to them.

With Mewburn Ellis, together, we have created two CREST resource packs - 'Star/SuperStar On a Shoestring' for primary school teachers and students, each with eight easy-to-resource activities. They are now available on our CREST Resource Library.

CREST Star On a Shoestring

CREST SuperStar On a Shoestring


There are also 16 short demonstration videos to accompany each activity - eight for Star, and another eight for SuperStar. You can find the videos on our YouTube channel.

You can also watch two webinars all about CREST at Star and SuperStar level, explained by one of our brilliant CREST trainers, from how to run them in your school - whether that’s during lessons or as part of a science club, to what resources you will need, and how to use them for your students. Check out our YouTube channel or click here to watch now!

An Introduction to running CREST Star activities

An Introduction to running CREST SuperStar activities