Welcome to our CREST Awards webinar centre, where you can find the latest videos and look back at ones you may have missed.

Presented by CREST Product Manager, Caitlin Brown, and Education Innovations Manager, Jane Dowden, the episodes will focus on a range of topics, including the Award levels themselves and how CREST can boost your UCAS hopes.

The videos, which are streamed live on our YouTube channel, also give you the chance to ask any questions you may have about CREST. These are all are answered live by the CREST Awards team.


Webinar 7:

CREST in the Secondary Curriculum - How to build open-ended investigative CREST projects into lesson time

Find out how to integrate CREST Bronze, Silver and Gold projects into lessons in order to teach the secondary science curriculum and enhance students' STEM learning through open-ended practical work.

Webinar 6:

CREST in the Primary Curriculum - How you can use CREST resources as part of the curriculum

Learn how to embed CREST Star and SuperStar activities into lesson time in order to teach the primary science curriculum and enhance pupils' engagement with STEM subjects.

Webinar 5:

CREST Lockdown Q&A: Primary

Find out more about primary-level CREST Awards (Star, SuperStar and Discovery) and how you can run these with your pupils and support parents with at-home activities.

Webinar 4:

CREST Lockdown Q&A: Secondary

Discover how you can run or complete secondary-level CREST Awards (Bronze, Silver and Gold) at home or in schools with social distancing measures.

Webinar 3:

Back to School with CREST - How you can use CREST now that schools are back in the classroom

Hear from secondary school teacher and CREST assessor, Andy Brittain, as he discusses with Caitlin the best ways to run CREST when faced with school bubbles, social distancing and no shared resources.

Webinar 2:

Standing Out - How CREST can bolster your CVs, UCAS and other applications

Webinar 1:

Inspired Home Learning - How to encourage children with self-directed science projects

The first webinar of the series focuses on CREST and home learning at secondary school level. Here, Caitlin and Jane talk about the different Award levels and run through the process of completing a self-directed student project, using a successful activity as an example.