The British Science Association is excited to announce a series of new features on Science Live (, our online platform for supporting live science events. Here are some of the new things we’ve implemented to help better connect event organisers, speakers, volunteers and attendees:

Offered ads

People who want to contribute to events can now create separate “offered ads” for the various roles they can offer, including volunteering, speaking or advising, and include different criteria for each ad

What's on

To promote their events to attendees, event organisers can list their events on our new What’s on page, which includes a new event map in addition to searchable listings

New event map

Wanted ads

If event organisers additionally want help from speakers, volunteers or advisors, they can list separate “wanted ads” specifying their needs

Group profiles

Groups can now create profiles, in addition to individuals, and profiles will list all your wanted ads and offered ads, as well as current and past events


Users can endorse one another for their offered ads, e.g. an event organiser can endorse someone’s volunteer offered ad if they helped at an event, and these endorsements will be listed on users’ profiles and their respective ads.

If you already had a profile on Science Live, it is still on the site and we've created offered ads based on the information you included. Log in to see your new profile and ads. You can edit or add information as you'd like.

Please take a look at the site and spread the word! We also welcome any feedback you have.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]