Discover your inner space explorer, or reveal secrets hidden in your bones with these brand new events added to the British Science Festival 2022 programme from our Principal Partner, the University of Leicester.

Between Tuesday 13 – Saturday 17 September, the British Science Festival will be taking over the city of Leicester, hosted by De Montfort University, with over 100 free, engaging and off-the-wall installations, performances, and activities.

We’re excited to add even more fun to the mix, with a line-up of new events added from our Principal Partner for the year’s Festival – the University of Leicester. Book your free tickets below and get ready to unpack the secrets of the natural world and the galaxies beyond…


The Future of Space Science  

Take in an epic talk, a journey through time - guiding you through to the future of the UK’s space economy. We’ll cover future missions the UK will be involved in, delving into ground-breaking discoveries and new technologies along the way. From the James Webb Space Telescope, BepiColombo, Ariel, ExoMars, and an exciting plan to return samples from Mars. 

This mind-expanding panel discussion brings together world-leading experts in space policy, engineers, and scientists to discuss what the future has in store for the UK’s space economy. 

Thursday 15 September, 12:00 – 13:00 at The [email protected], De Montfort University



DNA Family Secrets 

Turi King is the expert geneticist on the hit BBC series DNA Family Secrets with Stacey Dooley. In this talk, she will chart the rise in the use of DNA in genealogy and forensics for everything from tracing long-lost family members to catching criminals. Her examples will include the first immigration case through to - of course - identifying the bones of King Richard III.

Thursday 15 September, 18:00 – 19:00 at The [email protected], De Montfort University


A portrait image of Turi King wearing a red t-shirt


Skeletal secrets 

We’ve convinced Sarah Inskip and her colleagues from the University of Leicester’s School of Archaeology and Ancient History to let you in on some secrets. But you’ll need to search your bones and teeth to find them.

This series of activities around bioarchaeology will reveal what effects your lifestyle can have on your bones. Whether it’s from past tobacco use or the role of intoxicants in causing chronic disease – find answers from within.

This is a drop-in event, no booking is required.

Saturday 17 September, drop in any time between 11:00 – 16:30 at The Clock Tower & Humberstone Gate, Leicester.


A skeleton

In the genes? How genomic research can improve our health

Let’s talk genes. Ever wondered why some people develop heart disease, or asthma, whilst others don’t? And why do people with the same disease have different symptoms and or responses to treatments?

Join researchers from the University of Leicester and dive into discovering how variations in our DNA sequence can affect our risk of developing diseases through these hands-on, interactive activities.

This is a drop-in event, no booking is required.

Saturday 17 September, drop in any time between 11:00 – 16:30 at The Clock Tower & Humberstone Gate, Leicester.


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