Applications for British Science Week 2020 grants are now openThere are different types of funding available for you to apply for, depending on the organisation you’re a part of and the audience you work with. British Science Week, which takes place between 6 - 15 March 2020 is for everyone to get involved with, and we especially encourage those who don’t usually engage with science to apply.  

We also look forward to receiving creative, diverse ideas that challenge the stereotype of science. 

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Community Grants  

This grant scheme aims to recognise the expertise of community leaders working with their local audiences. Two levels of funding are available:  

  • £500 to run one or more events during British Science Week   
  • Up to £1,000 to run one or more events during British Science Week, as well as follow-up activities that will lead to continued engagement  

To be eligible, applicants must represent a community-based group, club or organisation that works directly with audiences who are traditionally underrepresented and currently not engaged in science activity, including: 

  • people from ethnic minorities 
  • people with low socio-economic status, including people disadvantaged in terms of education and income 
  • people with a physical or mental condition or impairment 
  • people living in a remote and rural location, defined as settlements of less than 10,000 people 
  • girls and women 

To get an idea of what events can be run during British Science Week, take a look at our case studies from last year. 

We are especially keen to hear with groups who don't ordinarily work with science

Kick Start Grants  

This grant scheme is for eligible state-funded schools to put on events for students, parents and the wider community, including other schools in the area.  

Four grants are available: 

  • Kick Start Youth grant: A grant of £150 for your school to run an activity organised by students aged 10-19 
  • Kick Start grant: A grant of £300 for your school to run an activity for students at your school 
  • Kick Start More grant: A grant of £700 for your school to run an activity which involves your students and the local community 
  • NEW! Kick Start grant + Youth grant: A grant of £450 for your school to run an activity for British Science Week as well as an additional activity organised and delivered by students aged 10-19 

 To be eligible, schools must meet at least one of the following criteria:  

  • Have a high proportion (over 30%) of pupils eligible for the pupil premium or equivalent; 
  • Have a high proportion (over 30%) of pupils from ethnic minority backgrounds; 
  • Be a small school based in a remote and rural location. 

Last year’s grant recipients said: “all ages from 3-11 were able to take part. Increased resources meant every child had a hands-on experience and didn't have to work in groups and share. It encouraged staff to experiment with new ideas and allow a bit of risk.   

 By giving schools the freedom to choose their own topic and link it to science, the grants are “a fantastic opportunity to see students explore science and learn through experimentation and enjoying science.” 

Find out more on the British Science Week website. 

Schools can apply for up to £700 to run British Science Week activities

Application Details  

All applications can be made via the online form:   

The deadline for submissions is Monday 11 November 2019, at 17.00.  

If you plan to run an event during British Science Week, tell us about it by registering it on the Science Live website, where we can help you promote it and find speakers. 

Take a look at what happened during British Science Week 2019 on our Twitter!