As discussions on the climate crisis flow to the fore at COP26, the British Science Association (BSA) is proud to launch two new CREST Awards resources with the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH) to inspire students to investigate issues around climate change, sustainability and one of Earth’s core resources – water.

Available at Gold and Silver levels, the ‘Hydrology’ CREST Awards resources encourage secondary-aged students to consider the real-world impact of climate change on the world’s water cycle, and develop innovative solutions for the future.

Download the Silver resource

Download the Gold resource

The CREST Awards scheme empowers students to become young scientists as they undertake hands-on, investigative projects that interest them. Using these new resources, students have the option to take on a variety of hydrology-focused challenges, from creating SMART water solutions and emergency flood plans to examining solutions for food shortages and droughts.

Climate change has never more been visible across the world than now, with extreme weather events affecting agriculture, infrastructure, public health and more, and demanding our ongoing attention and action. Released during the COP26 conference, these resources present an excellent opportunity for students to engage with these important and complex issues through scenario-based learning.

The BSA’s partnership with UKCEH reflects a joint commitment to increasing environmental awareness and accountability among young people, all whilst fostering their interest and involvement in STEM subjects.

Maria Rossini, Head of Education at the BSA, said:

With COP26 now underway, many of us will be thinking about how we can play our part to combat climate change. Schools have a vital role to play in helping young people to understand the issues, whilst also involving them in developing their ideas and solutions.

We’re delighted to have worked with the UKCEH on this timely range of CREST projects to help inspire the next generation of eco-champions.

Victoria Barlow, Science Project Manager at UKCEH, said:

There is no doubt that climate change is an issue that needs to be tackled with much urgency. Crucial to this is building interest in and commitment to climate-related subjects such as flooding and drought among young people. Resources like these present an opportunity for students to learn in an engaging and flexible way, whilst also raising awareness of key issues which will go on to play a significant role in their lives. We hope that it might spark a new generation of hydrologists.

The new ‘Hydrology’ resources include accessible student briefs and comprehensive teacher guides to promote knowledge-sharing and discussion about the climate crisis, in classrooms and beyond. If you are an educator who is interested in using these topical resources with your students, you can download the Gold pack here and the Silver pack here.

About the UKCEH

The UKCEH is an independent, not-for-profit research institute carrying out excellent environmental science across water, land and air, with a long history of investigating, monitoring and modelling environmental change. The UKCEH’s focus is on mitigating and building resilience to climate change, preventing and reducing pollution, and creating sustainable ecosystems. The UKCEH’s research extends from molecular biology to global climate modelling, and involves fieldwork across the world.