For British Science Week 2015 EDF Energy joined various other partners on the British Science Association’s new initiative; Behind the Scenes of British Science.

In its pilot year in 2015, Behind the Scenes of British Science, was an amazing showcase of the science, technology, engineering and high-tech manufacturing happening every day; in factories, plants and laboratories across Britain; that the public might take for granted or not even know exists.

The event took place at EDF Energy’s Heysham Power Station’s science open day, supported by Lancaster University.

Hoopla, plant biology and volcanoes thrilled visitors and attracted more than 500 people who tried out a number of experiments and activities staged by the team from Lancaster University.

Donna Diamond, Visitor Centre Supervisor, said: “This was the culmination of a series of events linked to British Science Week.

“We had 60 pupils from Sandylands school visit us, and we went out to talk to Bowerham School about how we use computers as part of life here at the stations.

“We also showed 50 pupils from Central Lancaster High School around Heysham 2 as part of their British Science Week activities.

“But the highlight of the Week was the Science Day when we saw lots of people come to the Visitor Centre to try out the activities.”

Rob Malcolm, of Lancaster University, said: “The event provided us with an opportunity to showcase some of the fantastic work taking place in science, technology, engineering and mathematics at Lancaster University.

“It was also a great way to engage with the local community.”

The British Science Association also worked with EDF Energy on a national scale citizen science project; The Big Bumblebee Discovery