We are working in partnership with Genomics England across two of our programmes; as a major sponsor of the Huxley Summit and to support a new series of the British Science Association’s Future Debates.

Genomics England wants to showcase the potential benefits whole genome sequencing can offer patients but also want to understand public concerns.

The BSA wants to empower many more people – not just scientists – to constructively engage in debates over science’s role in their lives, their local economy, and the UK’s future.

To make sure the conversations are happening at a local level, we are incredibly pleased to be working with Genomics England as well as the BSA’s Branches, and other local organisers to run debates across the country.

Vivienne Parry, Genomics England’s Head of Engagement said: “It’s very important that debates about the future of genomics and the use of data in healthcare take place at a local level. So we are very excited to be working with the British Science Association and its great local networks on ‘Future Debates’. Having long been involved with the BSA, I know that through them, we’ll have a great series of lively debates.”

Over the next few months, the BSA and Genomics England will be working together to run the Future Debates series in the summer, as well as publishing a social intelligence report in the late spring.

To find out more about the 100,000 Genomes Project, please visit www.genomicsengland.co.uk.