The British Science Association is delighted to have formed a partnership with Mewburn Ellis, one of Europe’s leading intellectual property firms.   

Our partnership focuses on enabling and supporting a wider range of schools and students to engage in science. It includes: 

CREST Awards  

As a national partner of the CREST Awards, Mewburn Ellis is proudly supporting the BSA’s work to help young peopleno matter what their background, get into science. 

CREST is a scheme that inspires young people to think and behave like scientists and engineers, reaching those typically underrepresented in science. Mewburn Ellis will provide funding for up to 40 schools serving disadvantaged students in each of its four UK office locations, enabling them to invest in the resources needed to offer CREST Awards. The goal is to help 1000 students of all ages complete CREST Awards, for free, over the next six months 

Mewburn Ellis’ support will also help CREST to double the level of on-the-ground support that it can offer schools in its four areas. In addition, several Mewburn Ellis people will become mentors for students undertaking Silver and Gold CREST Awards, passing on key knowledge and enthusiasm.  

British Science Week 2021 

Mewburn Ellis has also been confirmed as one of the BSA’s partners for British Science Week 2021, the theme of which, ‘Innovating for the future’, reflects the company’s desire to increase diversity and inclusion in STEM. Mewburn Ellis' funding has enabled the publication of our taster activity packs, which help teachers to prepare for British Science Week During the Week itself, the company hopes to engage directly with schools by making employees available for online talks.   

Partner statement  

"We're immensely proud to be working with the BSA. Our vision is to enable more young people to get into science no matter what their background or circumstances. As a firm we now have a strong focus on diversity and inclusion, but key to a really diverse IP industry will be for a broader range of candidates to come into the jobs market. This has to start with schools and providing greater opportunities and we want to invest in making this a reality.” 

– Richard Clegg, Managing Partner of Mewburn Ellis