The British Science Association has partnered with Yakult since 2017 on a range of activities that aim to engage family audiences and increase participation and engagement in science among audiences who are traditionally under-represented.

In 2020, the BSA is working with Yakult to increase awareness of Baking in Space, a fun-filled family show which is being brought to life virtually in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Baking in Space is a partnership between Science Ireland and British Council Ireland, supported by Yakult, and hosted by Great British Bake Off finalist Andrew Smyth and Dr Niamh Shaw. 

Our previous partnerships

In 2017, Yakult worked with the BSA as headline sponsor of Run the Solar System, a running App that saw participants experience a virtual race through space. Yakult’s support of Run the Solar System also enabled the BSA to hold a live 10k race, which took place during British Science Week 2017 at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London.

In 2018, the BSA and Yakult partnered on a programme of nationwide science busking under the theme of ‘Science, Not Magic!’, revealing to the public the science behind ‘magic’ tricks. Yakult also had a presence at the British Science Festival with a unique Artificial Intelligence Vending Machine, as well as a busking activation on the topic of bacteria.

In 2019, Yakult supported the BSA to celebrate the reach and impact of science festivals. Our partnership focused on raising awareness of the >40 science festivals which happen every year around the UK. We aimed to encourage more people – especially those who have never been to a science festival – to attend a science festival, as they would a music or food festival, carnival or other community-based event.

In the lead up to the 2019 British Science Festival, Yakult’s 'Science, Not Magic!' busking teams visited some non-science festivals around the Coventry and Warwickshire area, demonstrating some mind-boggling science tricks and providing ideas which can be tried at home.

Why not download the 'Science, Not Magic!' busking leaflet with tricks to try at home and have a go at some hands-on science activities with your family?

You can find out more about our 2019 partnership here.

About Yakult

Yakult is a science-based company with a long heritage and amazing amount of research behind its iconic little bottle. The brand’s passion for science is reflected in its commitment to support projects and activities that showcase the role of science in everyday life and bring science to the attention of people not normally engaged with the field. This common goal represents the fruitful basis of the collaboration between the British Science Association and Yakult.