The Psychology Section organised the following events for the 2016 British Science Festival:

Why we laugh
Two major questions are the drive behind Sophie Scott’s research: why do we laugh and how do we do it? Joined by a comedian, because no science is complete without an experiment, she ventured into the sometimes surprising reasons for laughter, its use as a social tool, and how our anatomy produces it.

Split second timing: decision making in sport
Neuroscientist Vince Walsh discussed how understanding our brains can help improve performance in sport. Audience members discovered how techniques such as brain stimulation, 3D simulations and records of eye movements can reveal brain activity in elite sportspeople and help develop strategies for decision making and skill delivery under pressure.

President 2017: Professor Anil Seth, University of Sussex
President 2016: Professor Sophie Scott, University College London
President 2015: Professor Bruce Hood, University of Bristol

Recorder: Dr. Antonia Hamilton, University College London

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