The Enhancing Informal Learning Through Citizen Science project is exploring what and how people learn through their participation in citizen science projects. In particular, we are interested in the learning of young people, but have a broad interest in the learning of all ages. The project is funded through the Wellcome Trust’s Science Learning + programme.

While there is some published material on what and how people learn through citizen science, we are interested in finding any unpublished reports or data that might offer insights into these areas.

If you or your organisation are involved in citizen science and have either unpublished reports or data, we would be interested to hear from you. The information you supply will be used to develop a better understanding of what and how people learn through citizen science and the contribution this can make to science education and science more broadly.

Please contact or send materials to Katherine Mathieson at the British Science Association.

Many thanks for your cooperation,

Richard Edwards, School of Education, University of Stirling

Katherine Mathieson, British Science Association

Rick Bonney, Cornell Lab for Ornithology

Tina Phillips, Cornell Lab for Ornithology