If you're looking for local science events, check out Science Live, our events platform!

Science Live (www.sciencelive.net) is the British Science Association’s (BSA) event platform that enables people – whether as organisers, speakers, volunteers, or attendees – to connect with one another.

The BSA want to help more people throughout the UK organise and discover events – leading to many more people engaging with, understanding and enjoying science.

We found that the biggest challenges for local event organisers were finding speakers and volunteers to contribute and help run the events. We know that running events can be an uphill struggle, especially without an impressive black book of contacts and when you feel you’re working completely alone. Event organisers are not always given sufficient support, may lack confidence in tackling science subjects and are juggling the practicalities of event development alongside other work or study.

The BSA identified the need for a platform that connects scientists, presenters and content providers, with those who want to organise and volunteer at events. With the support from the Wellcome Trust, who funded the project through their People Awards scheme, the BSA have created a website that serves all these audience needs.

Science Live supports event organisers by giving them access to speakers, connecting them with local volunteers and putting their events in front of the right audiences.

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For more information about the work the British Science Association does to support and engage with community groups, please visit our Community Engagement page and follow BSA Communities on Twitter.