Science busking in non 'science' settings is a great way to reach under-served locations and people who might not usually seek out science events and activities. It shows them that science and engineering can be fun and entertaining, rather than daunting and inaccessible. The purpose is to reach audiences with low ‘science capital’ – those who would not identify as engaged with science and who are unlikely to have attend their local science festival or visited a science and discovery centre – but, after having experienced science in an engaging context, could be encouraged to do so in the future.  

Yakult UK has teamed up with the British Science Association and the University of Hull, as part of its 2018 partnership with the British Science Association, to deliver a series of science busking sessions in key locations across the UK, under the theme of ‘Science, not Magic’.

The busking team, consisting of science students and public engagement officers from the University of Hull's 'street science' team, will perform a series of 'magic’ tricks with a difference, revealing the science behind what initially seem like impossible feats!

Many of the tricks performed will use inexpensive or household items, and the buskers will also be giving away their secrets so that people can replicate these ‘Science, not Magic’ tricks with friends and family at home.

With busking activities planned at non-science events and locations in both London and the Hull and Humber region, the British Science Association and Yakult hope to inspire people who might not usually consider going to an event with ‘science’ in the title to attend the 2018 British Science Festival, which takes place in Hull in September.

If you have the chance to meet our Science Busking team, make sure to stop by for a trick!

The Yakult Science Busking team will also be present at the British Science Festival and Family Weekend (Hull Science Festival), running some more in-depth demos as well as engaging people with their 'Science, not Magic' tricks to the public, so we hope we’ll see you there too!