The British Science Association (BSA) are part of Sciencewise, a public engagement programme to inform policies involving science and technology.

The BSA seeks to make science more inclusive. Understanding and reporting on public views on science topics to relevant networks is therefore essential in ensuring voices from diverse backgrounds are heard and considered in decisionmaking.

Sciencewise collects, researches, analyses and publishes public perspectives on areas such as the environment, AI, biotechnology and more.

Sciencewise is an internationally recognised programme led and funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) with support from the Department of Science, Innovation and Technology. The consortium is led by public engagement charity Involve, with the BSA and National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE).

We have written a number of reports commissioned by Sciencewise (each link opens in a new tab):

Public perceptions of engineering biology (food applications)

This report is the second of two looking at public dialogue around engineering biology, this focuses on the food industry. 

Public perceptions of engineering biology (health applications)

This report is the first of two reviewing the public view on engineering biology. Part one focuses on its applications in health.

People, communities and climate technology

This report investigates public views on a range of technologies that may contribute to the UK’s net zero strategy.

Tomorrow's tech, today

This report explores public perceptions on five areas of emerging technology: AI and automation in the workplace; Data-driven decision-making; Human enhancement technologies; Augmented and virtual reality; and New gene therapies.

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