Sciencewise provides guidance to a number of policymakers in the UK Government on the British public's views and attitudes on new and controversial issues involving science and technology. Their aim is to gain people’s opinions and insights to help develop better Government policies that take into account the views of everyone and so are less likely to lead to conflict once policies are put in place.

The British Science Association, in partnership with Ricardo-AEA and Involve, are supporting the work of Sciencewise to improve public dialogue and engagement on key science issues, by bringing together scientists, policy makers and members of the public for a fresh and open dialogue.

Our partnership

Since the partnership launched, the BSA have focused on consolidating the research and findings from the Sciencewise programme in a more publicly accessible way.

We have conducted a number of social intelligence reports that present the public's attitude on different science issues, as well as any concerns or questions the public have on that particular science issue.

We have also focused on then giving that knowledge back to the public, through blog posts, the media and social media.

To find out more about the Sciencewise programme, please visit their website: