President 2022: Henrietta O'Connor, University of Leicester
President 2021: Gurminder K Bhambra, University of Sussex
President 2019:  Danny Dorling, University of Oxford
President 2018: Louise Archer, University College London
President 2017: Gillian Bendelow, University of Brighton
President 2016:  Mark Doidge, University of Brighton
President 2015: Emmanuelle Tulle, Glasgow Caledonian University
President 2014: Jonathan Gabe,  Royal Holloway, University of London

Co-Recorder: Rob Meadows, University of Surrey
Co-Recorder: Emmanuelle Tulle, Glasgow Caledonian University
Dr Emmanuelle Tulle is a Reader in Sociology at Glasgow Caledonian University. Her research deals with lived and sensate ageing experiences to identify ways of enhancing the social and cultural location of older people via a focus on sport and physical activity in later life. She has investigated the factors which facilitate or inhibit the incorporation of physical activity into everyday life (focusing in part on the lessons that can be learnt from Master athletes), social and professional interactions in physical activity settings, the cultural meanings associated with being physically active and ‘sporty’. More recently, Emmanuelle turned her attention to the ‘discovery’ of sedentary behaviour as a public health problem.