Our partnership with URENCO began in 2013, working together to develop new CREST resources, bringing key components of URENCO’s Richie programme to primary school-aged students.

URENCO’s Richie programme is an international educational programme aimed at teaching children about energy topics in an engaging and fun way. The Richie programme is a core element of URENCO’s school and education outreach and a key component of URENCO’s sustainability approach.

Our partnership has also seen further engagement with ‘Richie’ – the animated character who guides children through resources – with the creation of the annual Richie Lecture in 2014. This high-profile annual event allows the British Science Association and URENCO to inspire school children at key stages of their development, during both primary and secondary school, and further engage children with STEM activities.

In 2016 we launched a brand new CREST Discovery Awards Discovery Day resource with URENCO, entitled Enrich my classroom, in which students learned about a range of different science, engineering and technology topics through group work, interactive activities and a challenge that asked them how they can enrich their experience in the classroom in the future.

The 2016 Richie Lecture was given by BSA Honorary Fellow, the broadcaster, actor and author, Dallas Campbell.

The CREST Awards are the UK’s largest national award scheme for project work in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects, and works to enrich students' interest in STEM subjects and careers.

2018 was a big milestone in our CREST partnership, as the programme opened its doors to international markets for the first time. Working closely with Dutch teachers and pupils, the BSA and URENCO ran pilots and training sessions with educators to gain feedback on how best to adapt the resource for Dutch schools.  

The programme’s introduction to the international stage was a success and as a result, the next phase of our 2019 relationship will be focussed on replicating this process in Germany .Over the next few months, the BSA and URENCO will work closely with German schools, adapting our resources and training teachers on how to run CREST.