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Celebrating achievement in national competition level

Gianamar receiving the CREST prize for Understanding of Real World Context at the 2012 NSEC finals

Acknowledging success through CREST Awards

Making sure students have a tangible recognition of their hard work, effort and success that is respected by organisations such as UCAS.

A framework for good quality project work in STEM

The CREST Awards offers a robust and consistent framework for students and mentors to use to create high quality projects

Resources available to promote and support the scheme

There are lots of resources available to promote and support the scheme – none more important than our CREST Local Coordinator Network

In your area

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Athletics & injuries

Athletics & injuries .pdf

Click below to read a summary of the Athletics & injuries project ideas for Bronze, Silver, and Gold awards; or to go back to project ideas click here.

CREST Bronze Award
Work out which materials are best for absorbing energy
When high jumpers fall onto the landing mat they‟re able to get straight back up and have another go. It would be a different story if the landing mat was made from concrete! That‟s because landing mats are good at „absorbing energy‟.

CREST Silver
Design a bespoke fitness regime and diet for an athlete
Produce a bespoke fitness regime and diet for a chosen athlete or sportsman. Investigate how to measure any improvements in fitness and performance and include guidelines for self-assessment, so your chosen athlete can test themselves.

Make a model knee-joint to be used as a physiotherapists teaching aid
Physiotherapists need to know an awful lot about human anatomy. Make a model knee joint that can help teach physiotherapists (or other medical practitioners). You can, of course, choose to model a different type of joint or body part. It might be worth-while trying to contact someone who works in special effects to help with this project. People who work on hospital dramas, for example, have to make life-like models of the human anatomy. Find out what materials they use to make different body parts, and what they use to colour materials so they look like the real thing. You could also contact a company that manufacture fake limbs. Find out what materials they use, etc.