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CREST case study: Gold student - Rosy

Name: Rosy Halfyard

CREST Level: Gold

Year: 2009

Project Title: Fighting Superbugs: Validating Disinfectants

Project Mentor / Organisation: Tim Sandle, Bio Products Laboratory.

Rosy undertook her CREST Gold Award through the Nuffield Bursary Scheme. In 2009 she presented her work as part of the first ever National Science + Engineering Competition. As a CREST Award holder she was also eligible for a range of CREST prizes which that year included our international places. Rosy won a place at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in  America.  She has now completed her biomedical sciences degree and is continuing her medical degree at the University of Nottingham. She tells us a bit about her CREST experience here.

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What was your project about?

I worked at Bio Products Laboratory (BPL) – a company that produces a wide range of medicinal products derived from blood plasma. All products are injected into the human body and therefore need to be of high sterile quality. I worked in the microbiology department on a project to determine a method for testing the disinfectants used in the production areas of BPL. The purpose of the project was to ensure BPL’s use of disinfectants is both necessary and effective.

Who encouraged you to get involved with CREST?

[I received a] leaflet from school advertising the Nuffield Science Bursary. Nuffield recommended applying for CREST as it fitted the criteria.

What was the best thing about doing a CREST award?

The experiences I got from it – winning the chance to go to Intel ISEF and gaining confidence in myself. I am currently studying medicine at Nottingham University in my 4th year and have already gained a first in my Biomedical sciences degree.

How do you think you benefited from your CREST Award experience?

In so many ways. Winning the Intel ISEF prize was a fantastic experience. I gained a lot of confidence and learnt how to explain science to all different levels. I became better at presenting and became more interested in the research side of Medicine. I went on to do Medicine at university and did my BMedSci dissertation in microbiology because of my Nuffield project. I gained lots of contacts and have been involved in some projects with Intel (the 24 hour sci-preneurship).

What are your hopes for the future?

In just over a years time I will hopefully by a qualified doctor. I’m hoping practice medicine abroad for a bit but not sure what I want to specialise in. I am currently thinking of being an anaesthetist or a general practitioner.

Any wise words to those thinking of undertaking a CREST Award now?

Do it- it opened so many doors for me and was one of the best decisions I have made so far!