Here at the British Science Association (BSA), we love to tell educators, parents, and anyone who works with children and young people about the benefits of running CREST Awards, our education programme designed to inspire a scientific mindset and allow young people to take the lead.

We know that for teachers, there is no better source of information and recommendations on how to inspire and engage children and young people in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) than other teachers. So we have spoken to them!

We have created a series of case studies from different schools which have successfully applied for our grants or used CREST with children, hoping to inspire more teachers in STEM education.

Check out our first set of video clips below of our video interview with Andrea Simms from Northgate High School in Norfolk about running Bronze CREST Awards with her science club, which culminated in a well attended science fair during British Science Week.

Northgate High School received our underrepresented audiences funding (Engage Grants), as they have a high number of students on pupil premium, which was vital for them to be able to run CREST.

Find out more about the funding.

We asked Andrea how taking part in the science club and earning a Bronze CREST Award, the results of which they presented in front of the school, changed their perceptions of their abilities around science.

A lot of Andrea’s students are disadvantaged, which means the school is entitled to pupil premium funding from the government to support their education. We spoke to her about how doing CREST Awards, which are student-led, can help them to see their potential in STEM.

CREST Awards are of course about science experiments and research, but the additional skills that are in developed in the process must not be underestimated. Andrea told us how her students benefited and progressed.

We know that planning lessons and activities for clubs can be hard work, so CREST is designed to make that process easier. Andrea told us how this worked for her, and the joys of combining CREST with British Science Week!

Scientific research and discoveries benefit others best when they are communicated in a thoughtful and engaging way, a challenge Andrea’s students ran with. She spoke to us about the different topics they chose and how they presented their projects.

Keep an eye out for more CREST case studies coming up and visit the links below to find all the information you need:

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Underrepresented audiences funding (Engage Grants)

In addition, we have published multiple blogs and news pieces about the different subjects CREST covers, how they align with the curriculum and how earning an Award can lay a foundation to study and/or work in STEM after school. You can find them here!