Trees and the climate crisis: Why we need to get planting

As Jewish communities around the world celebrate Tu B'Shevat, a new year for trees, we look at the role planting trees can play in the global effort to reduce the impacts of climate change. Read more

We must tackle education inequalities now before it’s too late

Recent data shows that the restrictions and lockdowns implemented in the face of COVID-19 pandemic have exacerbated the already concerning issue of education inequality. We delve into data and look at what can be done to bring about education equity. Read more

2021: Our most memorable moments

In our final blog post of the year, we delve into our highlights of 2021, including our new 10-year strategy, a British Science Week event with *the* Queen, and take a look ahead to what we aim to achieve in the future. Read more

How performative masculinity has played a role in the COVID-19 pandemic

To mark International Men's Day, which raises awareness about men's wellbeing, we've covered an event from the British Science Festival 2021 that looked how gender stereotypes affect men's (and women's) reactions to COVID-19 regulations, in sometimes harmful ways. Read more

Young people and vaccine hesitancy - what role does social media play?

As the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out continues and children and young people become eligible, we explore the pattern of vaccine-hesitancy among the young generations and the role social media - and a lack of digital literacy - has to play. Read more

Can climate education help with eco-anxiety?

As discussions at COP26 turns to youth empowerment, we look at the relatively new phenomenon of eco-anxiety among young people, and how a robust climate education can help to quell fears and foster a new generation of eco-friendly adults. Read more

Working together on a fairer future: Reflections from the BSA’s President

In front of an audience at the British Science Festival in Chelmsford, President of the British Science Association Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock sat down with journalist Nitya Rajan for a 'fireside' chat about space travel and science communication during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more