Lady of the Lakes

Student and wildlife film-maker, Olivia Frost, uncovers a hidden side of the beloved children's author, Beatrix Potter. She wants to bring this story to the world to inspire others to engage with nature and conservation, for many years to come.Read more

What makes a great science demo?

Scientist and Inventor in Residence, Carole Kenrick, gives her wonderful insight and advice on what makes a great science demo, based on an ASE Twitter chat she hosted ahead of Demo Day 2017, as part of British Science Week.Read more

Q & A with Brenna Hassett

Brenna Hassett is a bioarchaeologist. Her book Built on Bones: 15,000 Years of Urban Life and Death looks at the millennia-long story of how our urban lives have affected our very bones. She is also 1/4 of the TrowelBlazers, an advocacy group that celebrates women’s contributions to the digging sciences: archaeology, geology, and palaeontology.Read more

Demo Day preparation: dry ice in the classroom!

Ahead of Demo Day, the team from Chillistick share their top tips for using dry ice in the classroom to capture young people's imaginations.Read more

4 top tips on recruiting the best people for your event

With British Science Week just around the corner, many event planners will be in the midst of organising and recruiting. The British Science Association's Community Engagement Officer, Imô Logo, shares her top tips and helps take some stress out of finding the right people for you event.Read more

Future Forum: giving young people a voice

On February 18, the BSA is partnering with Oxfam and Affinity Sutton to hold Future Forum: Cities, Innovation & Inequality. Future Forum provides a space for young people to lead conversations and focus on the issues most important to them.Read more

Science and the city

In this book, Laurie Winkless takes us around cities in six continents to find out how they're dealing with the challenges of feeding, housing, powering and connecting more people than ever before.Read more

20 Christmas gifts for science-lovers

With less than 2 weeks to go before Christmas, we give you a run down of the best Christmas gifts for the science-lover in your life.Read more

This book thinks you're a scientist

This Book Thinks You’re a Scientist explores the fundamental concepts of science with fun experiments for children.Read more

Grand Challenges Conference: a Youth Panel perspective

One of our CREST Youth Panel members, Floriane Fidegnon, was lucky enough to be the youth speaker at the Grand Challenges Conference, hosted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Here she spills all about the experience and has an important message for scientists and researchers...Read more

Reflections from an Award Lecture winner

Rob Malkin was one of the lucky recipients of a 2016 Award Lecture. After giving his keynote talk on hearing loss at the British Science Festival, he reflects on his experience.Read more

Science asks: is anyone out there?

Aliens, edited by Professor Jim Al-Kalili, is a fantastic insight into the science of alien life.Read more