What is Community Science?

What is it that marks out community from mainstream science? Saoirse Higgins and Heather Mendick share their thoughts.Read more

British Science Festival: Genome editing our livestock

What does it mean to have food that's genetically genetically modified? And what reason is there for changing the genes of animals we eat? Jennifer Allerton reports from the British Science Festival.Read more

A journey of discovery with Dr Melanie Windridge

Dr Melanie Windridge climbed Mount Everest in May and is running an outreach project to help inspire young people, especially girls, to reach new heights in STEM and business. Read about her incredible journey.Read more

Do science festivals have a diversity problem?

Our Engagement Officer, Anna Woolman, explores whether science festivals have a diversity problem - and why it matters.Read more

British Science Festival: Rape, alcohol and self-blame

Dr. Holly Reeve, a BSA Media Fellow, reports from the Drunk Witness event at the British Science Festival. Please note: this post contains sensitive information and is not recommended for people under the age of 16.Read more

British Science Festival: Is air fresher now?

Dr. Yuhsuan Tsai, a BSA Media Fellow, reports from the BSA Chemistry Section's Presidential Address at the British Science Festival.Read more

British Science Festival: In the driving seat: what's the risk with epilepsy?

Statistics supply vital evidence to shape public policy. Laura Bonnett has been working to influence DVLA policy on granting licences to drivers who’ve suffered seizures. In the Rosalind Franklin Award Lecture at this year’s British Science Festival, she took us through the process. Alan Barker was hooked.Read more

British Science Festival: Shedding light on baby brain injury

Detecting brain damage in newborns is notoriously difficult. Gemma Bale of UCL is helping to develop an innovative method for investigating brain activity – using infrared light. Alan Barker followed her into an area of research that promises to give new hope to babies and their families.Read more

British Science Festival: can astrophysics help to save Earth’s species?

Biodiversity is under threat around the planet. Claire Burke is helping to pioneer a new field to help prevent poaching and possible future extinctions – and it’s called astroecology. In the Daphne Oram Award Lecture at this year’s British Science Festival, Claire introduced and illustrated her work. Alan Barker was there.Read more

British Science Festival - The robot will see you now: the future of medical technology

From AI within pathology to diagnosis techniques for the baby brain injury, Alicia Shephard looks at new innovations in the medical field.Read more

British Science Festival: Sci-fi influences on evolutionary linguistics

Beyond depictions of the future, science fiction can help us understand linguistics of the present and the past. Fred McNamara tell us more from the British Science Festival.Read more

British Science Festival: Modern slavery in the UK

It’s estimated that there are 13,000 people in modern slavery conditions in the UK, but this is thought to be just the tip of the iceberg. But what can you do to spot it? Grace Marner investigates from this year's British Science Festival.Read more