The Brexit chasm? Our research into science and the referendum

Following the EU referendum vote, we decided to conduct research into Brexit and people's attitudes towards science. Is there a link? Are "Leavers" and "Remainers" really that different? We have the results!Read more

Connecting communities this Volunteers' Week

To mark the end of Volunteers’ Week 2017, we are celebrating some of the exciting and innovative community engagement activity our volunteers are already working on within their local communities.Read more

Why purdah shouldn’t silence scientists

Katherine Mathieson comments on the joint letter sent to Sir Jeremy Haywood, signed by the BSA, regarding the effect of prudah on scientists in the run up to the election.Read more

Bayer opens free science lab for schools

Bayer has opened a new, free science laboratory for UK schools as part of its commitment to inspiring the next generation.Read more

Visions of Numberland

Visions of Numberland unlocks the world's greatest mathematical mysteries, with 60 patterns to colour in and 10 more that you can create from scratch. Here, author Alex Bellos delves into his new, unique book.Read more

Happy 3rd Birthday to the Nottingham SciBar

Our Nottingham Branch celebrate the third anniversary of their SciBar on 26 April. Read about these great sci-comm events and what they have to offer, all from the horse's mouth!Read more

Post-Brexit politics and science engagement

In the wake of the Brexit vote, there has been much talk about a white working class who have been left behind economically and culturally. Science, of course, is intimately intertwined with both. In this post, we ask what people working in science engagement can learn from the Brexit vote.Read more

March for Science

Katherine Mathieson discusses the March for Science: Rallies and events in support of the scientific community that will be happening in hundreds of locations all over the world on 22 April.Read more

Lady of the Lakes

Student and wildlife film-maker, Olivia Frost, uncovers a hidden side of the beloved children's author, Beatrix Potter. She wants to bring this story to the world to inspire others to engage with nature and conservation, for many years to come.Read more

What makes a great science demo?

Scientist and Inventor in Residence, Carole Kenrick, gives her wonderful insight and advice on what makes a great science demo, based on an ASE Twitter chat she hosted ahead of Demo Day 2017, as part of British Science Week.Read more

Q & A with Brenna Hassett

Brenna Hassett is a bioarchaeologist. Her book Built on Bones: 15,000 Years of Urban Life and Death looks at the millennia-long story of how our urban lives have affected our very bones. She is also 1/4 of the TrowelBlazers, an advocacy group that celebrates women’s contributions to the digging sciences: archaeology, geology, and palaeontology.Read more

Demo Day preparation: dry ice in the classroom!

Ahead of Demo Day, the team from Chillistick share their top tips for using dry ice in the classroom to capture young people's imaginations.Read more