Can we build a brain?

What does the future hold for AI? If anyone has the answer, it’s Margaret Boden. At this year’s British Science Festival, she celebrated its achievements and cautioned us about its limitations. Alan Barker took notes.Read more

Whose brave new world?

We’re all cyborgs now. Technology is transforming us into a new version of Homo Sapiens. This year’s Huxley Debate at the British Science Festival asked: Is human enhancement a human right? Alan Barker took notes.Read more

Celebrating women in science at the British Science Festival

Rebecca Dewey reports on events at the British Science Festival that celebrated and supported women in scienceRead more

Crunching numbers outside our Universe, using a small metal box in Sussex

As part of the British Science Festival, Professor Winifred Hensinger from the University of Sussex opened up his laboratory to give a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the most technologically advanced computer in the world.Read more

Inspiring creativity: where science meets art

Charlotte Warren-Gash reports on science and arts at the British Science Festival.Read more

Why do we like the foods we like?

Rosie McCallum reports from 'Why do we like the foods we like?' at the British Science Festival 2017.Read more

Put yourself in the patient’s place

When it comes to organ transplantation, Pankaj Chandak is at the cutting edge. He’s a Specialist Registrar at Guy’s, St Thomas and Great Ormond Street Hospitals, and he delivered: ‘From Kings to Keyholes’, the Charles Darwin Award Lecture for Agricultural, Biological and Medical Sciences at this year’s British Science Festival. Alan Barker listened in.Read more

This Is Your Brain on Dance

The limbs move but the brain dances. Emily Cross, presenter of this year’s Jacob Bronowski Award Lecture for Science and the Arts at the British Science Festival, wants to understand the linkage. Alan Barker prepared to boogie but forewent the Lycra.Read more

Every volcano has its own heartbeat

Volcanic eruptions are lethal. But predicting them accurately is tough. Dr Rebecca Williams delivered Deadly Clouds and Volcanic Flows, this year’s Charles Lyell Award Lecture for Environmental Sciences at the British Science Festival. Alan Barker put on his hard hat to learn more.Read more

Will you be my friend?

How do we become prejudiced? Harriet Over addressed this controversial question in ‘A Future Divided?’, this year’s Margaret Mead Award Lecture for Social Sciences at the British Science Festival. Alan Barker was there.Read more

The Mighty Unsung Molecules

Supramolecules were the subject of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, but most of us know little about them. Imogen Riddell wants to change that. She delivered this year’s Rosalind Franklin Award Lecture for Physical Sciences and Mathematics at the British Science Festival. Alan Barker spent an hour among the molecules.Read more

Did the Earth move?

How to make the world a better place by observing unbelievably small variations in gravity?Read more