Changing the world, one wildflower at a time

See what the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew are doing to transform our urban spaces - and how you can get involved with a free seed kit!Read more

BUILT hits the shelves today!

To coincide with the Year of Engineering, our good friends at Bloomsbury have published BUILT by Roma Agrawal, the structural engineer who was behind the Shard.Read more

Why Science Needs Storytellers

Dr. Pippa Malmgren, manufacturer of AI-led aerial robotics and former Presidential Advisor and Jessica Fox, Artist-in-residence at the UK Centre for Synthetic Mammalian Biology and former Storyteller at NASA explore why science needs storytellers.Read more

Train for Run to the Deep in six weeks!

To help prepare you for Run to the Deep 10k in March, we’ve put together a special 6-week training plan.Read more

Brownies put STEM activities to the test

Our 2018 British Science Week Activity Packs have just been launched. To put them to the test, our CEO Katherine Mathieson and two colleagues ran the activities with a tenacious and inquisitive Brownies pack in London. Here's how they got on...Read more

The tide is turning on plastics

Plastic waste is everywhere, but the tides are turning. See what's being done by people and organisations around the world to fight the damage caused by this abundant and harmful material.Read more

Why we’re committed to improving diversity in science engagement

Read how latest research on inequality in science engagement is helping us review our organisations, programmes, and audiences.Read more

Updating our science engagement map

We've updated our our audience segmentation map for 2018.Read more

Do we still need a Science Week?

It’s exactly 2 months to go until this year’s British Science Week kicks off. This will be its 24th year and so it’s a good time to ask – do we still need a Science Week?Read more

What will the future of space be like?

In the future, travelling to space could be as accessible as today’s flights to Europe. Read more in our guest piece from Innovate UK...Read more

Citizen Science: Make music as you paddle with Sonic Kayaks

Kayaking to an exclusive live-marine soundtrack while taking part in important environmental research? Yes please! Sonic Kayaks have now published instructions on how to build their hardware & open source software.Read more

Nick Ross: Future tech, past lessons

Broadcaster, journalist, chairman and campaigner Nick Ross gives us his thoughts on the public acceptance of technologies, past and future, ahead of the Huxley Summit on 29 November.Read more