Seeds of Science: a Q&A with Mark Lynas

Mark Lynas was one of the original GM field wreckers. Back in the 1990s – working undercover with his colleagues in the environmental movement – he would descend on trial sites of genetically modified crops at night and hack them to pieces. But Mark has changed his mind. His new book Seeds of Science explains why...Read more

Blueprint: How Our Childhood Makes Us Who We Are

Former BSA Media Fellow Dr Lucy Maddox presents key findings about how aspects of our childhood can influence the rest of our lives. Weaving cutting-edge research with every day and clinical examples, Dr Maddox explains how we develop from an unconscious bundle of cells to a fully grown, conscious adultRead more

British Science Week 2018

Sadly, British Science Week is over for another year. It was one of our biggest and best, so thanks to all who got involved! Check out 2018's highlights.Read more

My Mammalian-ness, by Liam Drew

As human beings, we’re all mammals. Most of us appreciate that at some level. But what does it mean for us to have more in common with a horse and an elephant than we do with a parrot, snake or frog? That’s exactly the question Liam Drew sets out to answer in I, Mammal, one of the latest titles to be released by our friends at Bloomsbury Sigma.Read more

Remembering Stephen Hawking

Following the sad news of Stephen Hawking's death this morning, we pay tribute to the man who inspired us all to wonder.Read more

Ways to get involved this British Science Week

Today marks the start of British Science Week, and we couldn't be more excited! From organising your own event, to running our virtual 10k race, to taking part in our citizen science project, there are so many ways to get involved.Read more

Catching Stardust is out NOW!

We welcome back Natalie Starkey, a 2013 British Science Association media fellow, to celebrate the release of her book Catching Stardust: Comets, Asteroids and the Birth of the Solar System.Read more

Press for Progress

Katherine Mathieson, Chief Executive of the British Science Association reflects on the links between International Women's Day and British Science Week.Read more

Tackling the gender gap

A post from the Greater London Authority on the ways in which they are tackling the gender gap in London and how they are encouraging more girls to engage and enjoy STEM.Read more

CREST Youth Panel: My experience

Lucy Chen is one of our promising and talented CREST Youth Panel members. She gives us the low down on what it's like to be on the Panel and why initiatives like this are importantRead more

New CREST Star & SuperStar activities have landed!

We're excited to bring you our new CREST Star and SuperStar actvities, which are now FREELY available for download!Read more