We will be awarding a new award this year at the Volunteer's Reception which will recognise and reward the hard work that our branch volunteers have put in.  

The purpose of this award is to publicly acknowledge the contributions a branch has made to the BSA and to encourage other branches to explore different types of events and funding opportunities. 

The award panel will be assessing all the branches and the winner will be announced in late August. 

Branch of the Year 

This award will go to the branch who has performed outstandingly in all aspects of branch running.  The branches will be judged on their fundraising practices, volunteer recruitment and the programme of events they have put on throughout the year. 

Their programme of events will have broken away from the traditional lecture style of science public engagement, furthering the BSA’s vision of a future where science is taken out of its cultural ghetto and made a fundamental part of society. 

Eligibility and award criteria 

  • Branches will primarily be assessed based on information from their quarterly reports (quarters 3,4 of 2015 and 1,2 of 2016) and finance reports, but other sources of information may also be considered.
  • The branch must have been set up and running for a minimum of a year. 
  • The branch must have met our minimum branch requirements in the past year.

The winning branches will be award their prizes at the Volunteer's Reception held on September 6 2016 at the British Science Festival in Swansea.