Earlier this year, the British Science Association (BSA) partnered with UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) to provide grants up to £2,000 for community organisations to run activities and projects between 1 September – 30 November 2020.

The mission of the ‘COVID-19 Community Innovation Grant’ scheme was to support community groups to explore and trial new, alternative ways of running science-related activities for audiences under-represented in science in the wake of COVID-19.

We will be sharing blogs written by the grant recipients over the coming weeks to coincide with the British Science Week (BSW) 2021 Community Grants opening for applications.

Encompassing motivations, learnings and aspirations, we hope they serve as inspiration for prospective BSW 2021 grant applicants in how community science projects can be developed and delivered despite uncertainty.

In this blog, Arun talks about his experiences so far of planning BME Housing Consortium’s COVID-19 Community Innovation Grant funded event, challenging conspiracy theories and tackling a lack of trust. 

In the second blog of the series, Marsha talks about the challenges and opportunities faced by breaking down barriers when planning SACCO’s COVID-19 Community Innovation Grant funded event. 

In this blog, Grace and Sarah tell us about their experience of planning a COVID-19 Community Innovation Grant funded event for UTASS so far.

The fourth blog in the series focuses on Seonaid's experience of planning Creating Connections 'Moon Base Biodiversity Project', centred on the natural environment, whilst having to navigate the new norms of the virtual world. 

In the fifth and final blog of the series, Rhiane shares her experience of planning a COVID-19 Community Innovation Grant funded event to highlight issues faced by under-represented groups and to amplify Black voices in the outdoor arena.