I’m Louise Ogden, Head of Communications.

I lead our fantastic marketing and communications team to design and deliver the promotional campaigns for our programmes, as well as oversee our organisational tone of voice, brand, and messaging. I’m also a member of the BSA’s strategy group, where I work with our senior leadership team to set the strategic direction for the BSA.

I’m interested in finding new ways to improve the inclusivity and accessibility of our comms output, and I have a real passion for the power of words and language to tell the story of the BSA’s work and our history.

I also oversee the British Science Week programme – the BSA’s annual awareness week for science, which we’ve run since 1994 – so get in touch if you’d like to know more about the Week. (She/her/hers)

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I’m Beth-Louise Sturdee, Communications Manager. 

I oversee communications for our public-facing programmes including The Ideas Fund, our grants programme which enables the UK public to develop and try out ideas that address problems related to mental wellbeing. And also, the British Science Festival – a celebration of people, stories and ideas at the heart of science.

I have a passion for bringing brands to life and telling a story by growing digital communities and creating real-world connections. In my current role, I have been developing plans to implement the Disability Confident scheme accreditation with a focus on neurodiversity, web accessibility, and recruitment. Get in touch if you would like to know more about or have ideas on how you think we can achieve this. (She/her/hers)

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I’m Anissa Alifandi, Corporate Communications Manager.

I work on developing and supporting activities that embody our mission, vision, and strategic objectives – whether that’s through our own channels, in the media, or interactions with other organisations and audiences.

I also provide the communications support for the policy/influencing work carried out by the APPG on D&I in STEM and at For Thought.

I love exploring new ways of showcasing our work, so get in touch if you’re a creative looking for an interesting brief. Ask me about our 10-year objectives and share your ideas on how you think we should achieve them. (She/her/hers)

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I'm Violet Yang, Communications Manager for Education.

I mostly work on the communications and marketing of our education programmes, including CREST Awards, British Science Week, and other projects. I’m interested in enhancing our public profile in the science education sector and building a strong brand and reputation among educators, schools, and parents.

I believe in the power of science education, which can bring life-changing opportunities for young people.

Get in touch if you’re interested in how we promote our Education programmes. Whether it’s about our overall strategy or the nitty-gritty – like planning and delivery, to evaluation (and everything in between). I am open-minded and always welcome questions, creative ideas, and collaborations.

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I’m Lily Shymanska, Corporate Communications Officer.

I work on bringing the stories and voices involved in our programmes to life, through the power of words and digital content.

I work closely on our series of Community Engagement programmes that support science engagement in underrepresented communities. And also, our Smashing Stereotypes campaign which showcases the diversity of the people and jobs in science – and that scientists are just like me and you.

I’m always on the hunt for new ways to add an innovative flair to how we communicate what we do, so get in touch if you’re a creative with some new ideas.

If you’ve ever read our monthly e-newsletter or BSA social media content, that probably came from me – so feel free to ask about those too. (She/her/hers)

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I’m Orna Herr, Communications Officer for Education.

I work on promoting our education programmes, and discussing issues and ideas around STEM education in blogs and social media. 

 I work closely with the Education team on CREST Awards and British Science Week. I am always keen to find new ways to communicate to teachers how CREST can be used to engage students with science, particularly students from groups underrepresented in STEM. Equitable education is the key, so I play a role in promoting various grants we have for schools in challenging circumstances. 

I lead the communications side of our popular British Science Week activity packs, from their initial development to shouting about them on social media in the run up to the Week! I run the British Science Week Twitter account year-round so follow for news and interesting facts! I also write the education newsletter, so send any questions about that my way. (She/her/hers)

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