The British Science Association wants to empower many more people – not just scientists – to constructively engage in debates over science’s role in their lives, their local economy, and the UK’s future.

To make sure these conversations are happening at a local level, we are working with our branches and other organisations on our Future Debates series, to run debates across the country. We want to find out what people think of a big issue in science and technology that could potentially have a significant impact on our society. Each year, Future Debates will focus on a particular issue.

Autumn 2018: Would you share your DNA?

This round of Future Debates will consider the benefits and risks of a medical system that uses genomic data. How should it be stored and who should have access? Should everyone's genome be analysed at birth? And is there a duty to donate your genome, like we do with blood and organs?

Autumn 2017: Does it matter who funds science?

Last year's debates were on the topic of science funding and who does it. Does it matter if private companies fund science? Does private funding create bias in the research? How can we trust researchers?


Summer 2016: Genome data privacy

Winter 2015: Robotic and autonomous systems