The British Science Association believes that science affects everyone and that it is important that the public get the opportunity to take part in the science conversation.

We believe that the conversations about science policy in the run-up to the General Election 2015 are not asking the right questions of our politicians.

We’ve teamed up with journalist Susan Watts, former science editor of Newsnight, to interview the science spokespeople from the main political parties in the run-up to the General Election on Thursday 7 May. Many discussions about science and technology take place behind closed doors in institutions across the UK, but we’re bringing these discussions to the public.

Science spokespeople from the major UK political parties will be questioned on their policies and manifestos for the next Government if their party were to be elected. The questions will be centred around the effect their policies will have on the public, and what difference they would see if a particular party were to come to power.

Science Matters launched on Friday 10 April, so visit our YouTube channel to find out the parties’ priorities for science, how they will make a difference and most importantly, how their policies will affect YOU.

Watch our teaser trailer on our YouTube channel and join the conversation on Twitter #ScienceMatters