The British Science Association is looking for secondary school teachers to take part in an Innovation Swap Shop as part of the MARCH project. The Swap Shop will take place on the 17 April at the Science Museum.

We are looking for teachers involved in school projects fitting a Sustainable City theme to share their experiences. The Swap Shop is open to science, maths and technology teachers as well as other teachers working on subject collaborations relating to science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

Teachers attending the Swap Shop will exchange innovative teaching ideas with other teachers and hear about our partners’ innovative educational projects. They will be contributing to an EU project and one teacher will have the opportunity to visit Portugal to share their ideas. Attendees will also receive free resources and materials and will be able to take advantage of the Science Museum’s teacher only offerings.

A contribution will be made towards the cost of your travel and lunch will be provided on the day.

The MARCH (Making science Real in sCHools) brings together institutions, NGOs and educational establishments. It consists of nine partners from seven European countries: the UK, Greece, Germany, Serbia, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Portugal.

The key objectives of MARCH are to help young people contribute actively to their learning process and to draw attention to the relevance of science in everyday life. MARCH will promote science as a force that helps young people develop into active citizens as well as highlight the relationship between science skills and future employability.

The nine partners involved in the programme are keenly aware of the need to improve science education as a means of enhancing the employability of young people.

You can find more information about the day here. If you are interested in taking part, please get in touch with Hana Ayoob in the Cultural Development Team.