The British Science Association (BSA) is pleased to announce the launch of two new Award Lectures – The Daphne Oram Award Lecture, and The Jacob Bronowski Award Lecture – which will be delivered for the first time at the British Science Festival in September 2015.

The new Award Lectures have been launched to mark the BSA's new vision of making science a fundamental part of society and culture, and to further the organisation‟s rich history of championing cross-disciplinary discussion and debate.

The Daphne Oram Award Lecture will focus on digital innovation and will be awarded to an early career researcher for pushing technological boundaries, or for driving forward computer science – such as open data and cyber security.

Daphne was a pioneer of British electronic music. She exemplified cross disciplinary research in technology, and applied innovative techniques with astounding results. Daphne went on to become the first director of the BBC Radiophonics Workshop and invented a new form of sound synthesis called Oramics. The BSA is grateful to the Daphne Oram Trust for agreeing to name the Award Lecture in honour of her life and work.

The Jacob Bronowski Award Lecture, launched in partnership with the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), will celebrate cutting-edge work at the interface between the arts and sciences. The name was kindly provided by Jacob's daughter, BSA Past-President, Professor Lisa Jardine.

Jacob's career spanned maths, poetry, philosophy, ethics and life sciences. A skilled science communicator, he was renowned for his ability to write and present in nontechnical language. Jacob was well known to the British public for his television appearances. He wrote and hosted the BBC documentary series The Ascent of Man, and featured on the BBC's The Brains Trust programme. The BSA is thrilled to celebrate Jacob Bronowski's incredible career through this new Award Lecture.

Nominations are open until 2 March.

Read the press release here.